Fall-Time is Upon Us

26 Sep

Fall-Time IS upon us. And with that, we bring you an update. An update on all the hollerin that’s been goinawn.

Summer was good for us. We played some shows with some excellent bands, some from near and some from far. Lots of wide smiles, jivin’ handclaps, and clip-cloppin’ foot stompin. We even did a goshdarn photoshoot with a friend who took some real pretty shots of Colin….

But as for fall, we have plans. Plans to keep on movin. An EP is in the works. Recordings are under way. We are keeping eight steady and careful ears to the music, not to mention additional ears-on-friends who’ve been lending a word. It’s been a real creative time, full of experimentationing. We can’t wait for all o’y’all to hear what we’ve been doing.

Keep us close. I don’t know when I’ll see you or anyone I used to know, but I’ll keep you safe inside me. And as you know, you can’t kill a show; it will explode. So I suppose I’ll see you at home.

Hopelessly devoted,
The Whiskey Holler


ps. yer a genius all the time


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