Keep on keepin’ on

8 Nov

First and foremost, howdy.


Secondly, how goes it?  Over at the Holler, we’re gearing up for winter.  You know, the cold?  Gathering a bunch of firewood, longjohns, and (duh) whiskey.  A few cable-knit sweaters for good measure.  We’ve been fattening ourselves, too.  Not for hibernating purposes, mostly just as a side effect of our lack of exercise.


Anyways, October is over.  That’s what I’m trying to drive home.  Why is this important?  Well, cause, the Holler has recorded a new EP.  A collection of songs that will be available on a physical CD.  Ain’t that something.  These songs are a long time coming, and we’ve spent some real good time on them, making sure that they’re an honest representation of the messages that we’re trying to convey.  We’ve been assembling help from lots of different sources and getting inspiration from friends and family.


Speaking of inspiration: DAZZLETINE.   They’re releasing their 7-track record this Saturday at Garfield Artworks, and have asked us, along with SleepyV and IKE., to party all night.  All, night. Like, all night.  It’s gonna be huge.  Lots of good people coming to see lots of good music.


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