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wading in the deep end

12 May

check this out: this.  It’s the most popular pages on bandcamp with the pittsburgh tag.  great way to find out who’s making music around the whiskey holler.  cool to see some friends on there.


btw, the whiskey holler’s music is available to buy on iTunes and amazon and spotify.


also, follow us @whiskeyholler


Yr a genius ALL the time

26 Jul

Howdy there, Hollerites.

I been expecting to see your rambling eyes over on here.  It’s Lukas, by the ways.  I come to ya from  Charleston, SC where I’m vacationing.  Not too sunny today, tho.  More rain than anything.  So, as i sit in the kitchen, the mid-day peacetime falling in on me, i bring you a few thingers.  first of all, we got some (2) new live tracks from le Howlers, when we played with that Ike. and the Dazzletine.  it was a totally killer and radical show.  seeing all y’all people looking up at us…dang.  we like playing real loud for ya.  so, but, back to what i was saying about that music.  check out the bandcamp page for the two new live tracks.

what else, you ask?  how bout my brother’s band, Mount Royal, getting some video treatment, courtesy, T-Willie.

Here’s une originale for ya to listen to:

further, i wanted to keep the bop blowin with this tune from the Cave Singers.  a seattle band with three guys who got a cool sound…

…and a spooky video:

another spoooooky band that’ll be rollin’ on through pittsburgh-town in october (the 8th) (at Brillobox).  they’re called mr gnome 

here’s a video for Night of the Crickets, a real fine song.  dig on the groove.  and that guitar riff riding simplistic.  and the vocals drifting above it all.