gimmeesum mor whuskey

4 Dec

that’s right. gimme that whiskey.  here’s a track from the Big Three Trio, featuring Chicago bluesman, Willie Dixon.  Besides being a musician, Dixon was a professional boxer and was a sparring partner for Joe Louis, world heavyweight champion from 1937-49.









Here’s an old country track Dixon did:



Anyways, on the Hollering front, we’re getting things mixed and mastered, looking to have an EP you can hold in yer hands.  There’ll be five songs on it.  I hope to to see you listening to it…maybe we’ll post a track or two so you can get a taste on yer tongue, get you to want some more, thirsty/hungry, as it were, if you will.


ps. we’re appearing live next Friday, Dec 9, at the Shadow Lounge as part of the Human Rights Day Celebration.  It’s an early show, we go on at 6:45, so get yer Friday Happy Hour fix of the Whiskey Holler.  Joining the stage will be Pittsburgh’s favorite indie twee chamber band, SleepyV.


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