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God Bless

4 Jul



3 Jun

So, we’ve been doing some recording in the past few months, and hope to continue with that trend.  We decided to give you guys a little sneak peek at one of the tracks we were working on: Shoeshine.  It’s a track that was written last late fall/early winter, which is surprising considering its nice summer chug.  It’s a quick song, clocking in at under 2 1/2 minutes, a trend that is following our recently written material.  We seem to be focusing on tightly constructed songs that focus on a particular rhythm and don’t meander too far so as to leave the listener in the dust, checking some other song out before finishing the task at hand.  Kind of reminds me of Twain’s quote: Sorry for the long letter, I didn’t have time to write you a short one.

Anyways, the point I’m trying to make, is that we’re working on some new recorded material.  Planning on releasing a second EP after HiveSongs.

Reminder: we play June 15th at the Brillobox – hope to see you there.



calculator keys

3 Jun

calculator keys

Things we’re friggin excited about

22 May

Here goes:

June 15th, we’ll be playing Brillobox with the Red Western.  Here’s a link to the facebook event.  Should be a good ole time, with plenty shuffling around and big Straubs going down.

We’ll also be playing at the end of June, the 26th more specifically, opening up for Pokey LaFarge at Club Cafe.  This’ll be a helluva show.  Real friggin excited about this one.  Pokey is on Third Man Records, the label Jack White started a while back in Detroit and now in Nashville, TN.  Whiskey drinking, needless to say, will easily be an encouraged activity for the night’s engagements.

In other news, the Whiskey Holler is working on recordings for some new tunes.


wading in the deep end

12 May

check this out: this.  It’s the most popular pages on bandcamp with the pittsburgh tag.  great way to find out who’s making music around the whiskey holler.  cool to see some friends on there.


btw, the whiskey holler’s music is available to buy on iTunes and amazon and spotify.


also, follow us @whiskeyholler


22 Mar

The Whiskey Holler’s brand new EP, HiveSongs, is out for permanent streaming at the bandcamp page.  There are fhive songs on it with all the lyrics posted.  We’re super-excited for all of you folks to hear it.  The album will be available for purchase starting April 6th at our release show at Howler’s Coyote Cafe.  We’re playing with Dazzletine and Meeting of Important People.  The place is seriously gonna melt. down.  All of those coming through the doors will receive a special prize.


28 Feb

the whiskey holler is releasing a 5-track EP titled HiveSongs.  This is what the album cover looks like:


Danny Gurwin helped out with the artskills.  April 6th the Whiskey Holler plays at Howlers Coyote Cafe in celebration of the release, along with Dazzletine and Meeting of Important People.  Danny Gurwin will also be DJing. There should be endless amounts of rock and roll all night; a real good friday night.

Oh and check this out:

Bryan Heller made a video for us.  Check out our bandcamp for a sneak-peak at the tracks of the EP next sunday at 9pm.