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28 Feb

the whiskey holler is releasing a 5-track EP titled HiveSongs.  This is what the album cover looks like:


Danny Gurwin helped out with the artskills.  April 6th the Whiskey Holler plays at Howlers Coyote Cafe in celebration of the release, along with Dazzletine and Meeting of Important People.  Danny Gurwin will also be DJing. There should be endless amounts of rock and roll all night; a real good friday night.

Oh and check this out:

Bryan Heller made a video for us.  Check out our bandcamp for a sneak-peak at the tracks of the EP next sunday at 9pm.


Keep on keepin’ on

8 Nov

First and foremost, howdy.


Secondly, how goes it?  Over at the Holler, we’re gearing up for winter.  You know, the cold?  Gathering a bunch of firewood, longjohns, and (duh) whiskey.  A few cable-knit sweaters for good measure.  We’ve been fattening ourselves, too.  Not for hibernating purposes, mostly just as a side effect of our lack of exercise.


Anyways, October is over.  That’s what I’m trying to drive home.  Why is this important?  Well, cause, the Holler has recorded a new EP.  A collection of songs that will be available on a physical CD.  Ain’t that something.  These songs are a long time coming, and we’ve spent some real good time on them, making sure that they’re an honest representation of the messages that we’re trying to convey.  We’ve been assembling help from lots of different sources and getting inspiration from friends and family.


Speaking of inspiration: DAZZLETINE.   They’re releasing their 7-track record this Saturday at Garfield Artworks, and have asked us, along with SleepyV and IKE., to party all night.  All, night. Like, all night.  It’s gonna be huge.  Lots of good people coming to see lots of good music.

Yr a genius ALL the time

26 Jul

Howdy there, Hollerites.

I been expecting to see your rambling eyes over on here.  It’s Lukas, by the ways.  I come to ya from  Charleston, SC where I’m vacationing.  Not too sunny today, tho.  More rain than anything.  So, as i sit in the kitchen, the mid-day peacetime falling in on me, i bring you a few thingers.  first of all, we got some (2) new live tracks from le Howlers, when we played with that Ike. and the Dazzletine.  it was a totally killer and radical show.  seeing all y’all people looking up at us…dang.  we like playing real loud for ya.  so, but, back to what i was saying about that music.  check out the bandcamp page for the two new live tracks.

what else, you ask?  how bout my brother’s band, Mount Royal, getting some video treatment, courtesy, T-Willie.

Here’s une originale for ya to listen to:

further, i wanted to keep the bop blowin with this tune from the Cave Singers.  a seattle band with three guys who got a cool sound…

…and a spooky video:

another spoooooky band that’ll be rollin’ on through pittsburgh-town in october (the 8th) (at Brillobox).  they’re called mr gnome 

here’s a video for Night of the Crickets, a real fine song.  dig on the groove.  and that guitar riff riding simplistic.  and the vocals drifting above it all.

Grease Lightning

13 Jul

Jeeze, louise.


Things are moving, fast.  Lots of cool people doing cool things to buzz about, new and old.  First off, the boys over at Take Away Tuesdays have done it again.  Let us present their fourth and final video, featuring help from some Hollerites–Dan Gurwin, Rob Weber, Derek Krystek–throwing some percussion into the mix of the official Hollers.  Thank you Derek and Bryan.

Style to Sleep:

Let’s keep going:  Local Hollerite, Ohad Cadji, is a killer photographer in the Pittsburgh area who was in the audience for the Howler’s gig last Friday and posted some rock.and.roll shots he got of Ike., Dazzletine, and the Whiskey Holler.  Check ’em out at his BLOG.


And finally.  Let us listen to a killer tune that I’ve been hopelessly devoted to on repeat: