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wading in the deep end

12 May

check this out: this.  It’s the most popular pages on bandcamp with the pittsburgh tag.  great way to find out who’s making music around the whiskey holler.  cool to see some friends on there.


btw, the whiskey holler’s music is available to buy on iTunes and amazon and spotify.


also, follow us @whiskeyholler


gimmeesum mor whuskey

4 Dec

that’s right. gimme that whiskey.  here’s a track from the Big Three Trio, featuring Chicago bluesman, Willie Dixon.  Besides being a musician, Dixon was a professional boxer and was a sparring partner for Joe Louis, world heavyweight champion from 1937-49.









Here’s an old country track Dixon did:



Anyways, on the Hollering front, we’re getting things mixed and mastered, looking to have an EP you can hold in yer hands.  There’ll be five songs on it.  I hope to to see you listening to it…maybe we’ll post a track or two so you can get a taste on yer tongue, get you to want some more, thirsty/hungry, as it were, if you will.


ps. we’re appearing live next Friday, Dec 9, at the Shadow Lounge as part of the Human Rights Day Celebration.  It’s an early show, we go on at 6:45, so get yer Friday Happy Hour fix of the Whiskey Holler.  Joining the stage will be Pittsburgh’s favorite indie twee chamber band, SleepyV.

November 21

16 Nov

On this coming Monday, November 21, the Whiskey Holler will be playing with SAINTSENECA, a band out of Columbus, OH.  Listen to their tunes here.  You can get a real tangible feeling from these recordings, but watch some of their videos; there’s a spontaneous reaction occurring in these live sessions, something that only exists when sitting in front of them.  They all play acoustic instruments (no amps), suggesting that their chords and harmonies and lyrics and melodies and faces and hands are all the most important right then, when they play that chord and sing that harmony.  It’s a live thing, man.  You gotta hear-see it.

And you can this monday at the Mr. Roboto Project.  Facebook event here.

We’ll also be playing with local folk-outfit, Ursa Major, a band we’ve been meaning to share a stage with for a long time now.

Also here:

and then here:

Keep on keepin’ on

8 Nov

First and foremost, howdy.


Secondly, how goes it?  Over at the Holler, we’re gearing up for winter.  You know, the cold?  Gathering a bunch of firewood, longjohns, and (duh) whiskey.  A few cable-knit sweaters for good measure.  We’ve been fattening ourselves, too.  Not for hibernating purposes, mostly just as a side effect of our lack of exercise.


Anyways, October is over.  That’s what I’m trying to drive home.  Why is this important?  Well, cause, the Holler has recorded a new EP.  A collection of songs that will be available on a physical CD.  Ain’t that something.  These songs are a long time coming, and we’ve spent some real good time on them, making sure that they’re an honest representation of the messages that we’re trying to convey.  We’ve been assembling help from lots of different sources and getting inspiration from friends and family.


Speaking of inspiration: DAZZLETINE.   They’re releasing their 7-track record this Saturday at Garfield Artworks, and have asked us, along with SleepyV and IKE., to party all night.  All, night. Like, all night.  It’s gonna be huge.  Lots of good people coming to see lots of good music.

Yr a genius ALL the time

26 Jul

Howdy there, Hollerites.

I been expecting to see your rambling eyes over on here.  It’s Lukas, by the ways.  I come to ya from  Charleston, SC where I’m vacationing.  Not too sunny today, tho.  More rain than anything.  So, as i sit in the kitchen, the mid-day peacetime falling in on me, i bring you a few thingers.  first of all, we got some (2) new live tracks from le Howlers, when we played with that Ike. and the Dazzletine.  it was a totally killer and radical show.  seeing all y’all people looking up at us…dang.  we like playing real loud for ya.  so, but, back to what i was saying about that music.  check out the bandcamp page for the two new live tracks.

what else, you ask?  how bout my brother’s band, Mount Royal, getting some video treatment, courtesy, T-Willie.

Here’s une originale for ya to listen to:

further, i wanted to keep the bop blowin with this tune from the Cave Singers.  a seattle band with three guys who got a cool sound…

…and a spooky video:

another spoooooky band that’ll be rollin’ on through pittsburgh-town in october (the 8th) (at Brillobox).  they’re called mr gnome 

here’s a video for Night of the Crickets, a real fine song.  dig on the groove.  and that guitar riff riding simplistic.  and the vocals drifting above it all.


10 Jul

The weekend is almost over.  A warm and sunny and Sunday afternoon celebrating birthdays and eating home-cooked food seems to be the smoothest way to transition out of the live music setting.  A quiet respite, with little more to do than make sure your lemonade has enough ice cubes.

Howlers was a blast on Friday–we really enjoyed seeing Ike. and Dazzletine on the same night.  A massive audience was also very encouraging.  Club Cafe was an equal success–we met Remington Pettygrove–a groovy dude from Chicago who had some really nice things to say.  He’s currently on a journey of musical and pseudo-searching purposes with his equally charming girlfriend.  We wish him good luck and await the time we can share the same city.

As for news:  The Whiskey Holler will be playing Saturday July 16 at Oakland’s Spice Cafe with local Pittzburgh melodic math-rockers Legs Like Tree Trunks.  Check that. Out.


Here’s something to listen to on a porch with a cold fizzy lifting drink: